Uses EditorConfig for an editor neutral default styling

  • Defaults to using tabs where possible for accessibility reasons
  • root = false so that the user can set their preferred (or required for accessibility reasons) rendering of the tabs via a .editorconfig file in a higher level directory, or their home directory. Not doing this defeats the purpose of using tabs vs. spaces.
  • tab_width is not set in this repository so that the user’s config will be used. (See above).

‘We’ is the ‘royal we’ (because we don’t like saying ‘I’ a lot and often we want speak in the first person), and ‘I’ am @danielfdickinson.

This repository uses pre-commit to filter out (and potentially auto-fix) issues with many minor (and some not so minor) ’nits’.

The developer who introduced me to pre-commit has written a blog post giving some context and general information on the use of ‘pre-commit’, and the official docs are pretty good too, so perhaps that will suffice.

He prefers a different code spell checker though, but I use CSpell.